Samichlaus – Beer Review

There’s Lager and then there’s Samichlaus, billed as the strongest lager in the world at 14% abv, its brewed once a year on December 6th (Saint Nicholas’s day in Austria) hence why its name translates as Santa Claus. Once the brewing process begins its left to age for 10 months so its impressively rare!

It was first brewed in 1979 for sale in 1980, the brain child of a yeast scientist. His brewery went bump in 1997 but the recipe was rescued by its current manufacturer in 2000 and production continues to this day. It is a traditional Bavarian Doppelbock with a ten month lagering process which leaves very little sugar left in the beer.

Its beautifully bottles, with a classic looking silver and black label. Its rareity does add some price to it also, you could be looking to spend between £5 – £8 per bottle, which is expensive, the deal we’ve found below is one of the better ones. Despite its pricyness you can look at this as a quality over quantity beer, with its strength you will likely only need one or two anyway before it becomes to much to handle and we certainly wouldn’t recommend more than that!

The first thing you will notice is that when you pour it, is the insanely dark colour for a lager, you may often find it doesn’t have the fizz levels of your standard lager either, but don’t be put off. It has a wonderful sweet flavor for it like a chocolate treacle mix so it can be a little heavy going. Its best with rich food, beef and game in particular or with some sweet deserts.

This beer packs a hell of a whack so I wouldn’t settle down for a heavy night drinking it, each 330ml bottle is the equivalent of a half bottle of wine but as an after dinner drink it has merit. This is one of my favorite lagers, and I’m lucky to live in an area where it is well stocked (including my house). HIGHLY Recommended.

We always encourage you to drink responsibly!

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