Philips HD 3620/25 Perfect Draft Beer Dispenser – Review

The Philips Perfect Draft keeps you beer at a constant 3 degrees c and the end results are awesome! If you have a home bar, or just prefer draft beer over cans and bottles then this is the device for you. The is one of the best ways to get draft beer in your home and while some say that Kegs are expensive we have found one or two places where you can get them for cheap, we’ve even listed a couple we have found that taste half decent and are reasonably priced.

The device requires specific kegs built for the Perfect Draft, these are 6 litre kegs which is the equivalent of 11 pints so with shipping you are still looking to be paying approximately £40 per keg which isn’t cheap, in fact at £3.80 a pint for the Becks Gold we’ve listed below its certainly no cheaper than your local is going to be, but if your local is a dive then it might be worth the investment regardless. The Franziskaner listed works out at approximately £3.60 a pint after shipping costs but there are other vendors for these kegs. The price of the Kegs can make the machine unappealing to some but if you are serious about your draft beer or fancy staying in rather than going out then some might say that’s a price worth paying, others might not.

The dispenser itself will take 12-15 hours to chill the beer down to that temperature, but if you’re having a party or need something quicker you can speed this process up by having a keg or two pre-refrigerated, which is a significant amount of real estate in your refrigerator particularly if you are having a BBQ or Dinner Party where you will need that space for food as well as drink.

Despite its need to cool beer the manufacturers Philips claim the device is no more expensive to run than a 40watt light bulb (presumably a Philips 40w light bulb) so at least your main expense would be the beer. Once you open a Keg ideally you can keep the Beer in the machine for approximately 30 days, it doesn’t require a gas canister of any kind but tubes from the Keg to the machine should be replaced every time in order to keep your beer tasting fresh.

This product looks great, works great and if like me you have a home bar it – looks particularly awesome to boot.

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