Klarstein Draft Beer Tap Dispenser Beer Pump System Review

With the Klarstein draft beer tap dispenser draft beer can be yours to enjoy at home at an achievable cost. Furthermore its diminutive size and low weight mean you can transport this to parties with a few Kegs in hand and everyone can enjoy! It’s a pretty little design two with an attractive silver case and LED display.

What’s really handy is the fact there are reusable parts, on some devices you need to clean or worse replace tubes or lines, the Klarstein draft beer tab dispenser has handy dishwasher-safe parts which make for low maintenance and easy setup. The integrated pump system is easy to operate and does not require any integrated CO2. The system will keep your beer chilled at a cool 4.5 degrees enough to quench the thirst of almost anyone gagging for a pint! One of the bonuses of this is that it comes with its own adjustable gas pressure system to give you as much or as little head on the beer you serve.

The problem with this system, and in fact the problem for rival systems also, even some of which contain bigger kegs is the shipping of the keg which vastly increases the cost, in the examples of the two below, the cost including shipping for the Warsteiner is £3.24, The Bitburger which has reduced shipping costs comes in at a better £3.04 however the twofer on the Bitburger below reduces the cost to an impressive £2.72. The benefit of the 5 Litre Kegs over some other machines which use larger kegs is you can find them in most large supermarkets.

The built in cooling system is adjustable and can quickly cool your beer to the required temperature, or it can be set to a slower cooling to save energy. Even handier it fits with any standard size 5l party keg which is just under 9 pints. This means you can get almost any brand of Keg to fit it which gives you limitless options for beer! The Beer is good for 7 days once put into the dispenser but if you can’t drink 9 pints in 7 days then you don’t deserve one of these!

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