Emerio BT-10003 Beer Dispenser – Review

This is a classy looking beer dispenser that fits most 5 litre party kegs which is a significant advantage over some of the other market competitors. You can transform a home bar, party, student flat, barbeque or Wednesday afternoon from boring into belting with this stylish stainless steel beer dispenser.

The Emerio BT-10003 comes with pressure and temperature control which allows you to vary the fizziness and temperature of your pint. Why you would have a temperate higher than the minimum of five degrees is a bit beyond me this humble beer drinker but it’s nice to have the flexibility if you were to put a non-lager keg in there, why you want to do that is also beyond me!

The LED display will tell you what temperature your brew is currently sat at in the barrel however so you will at least be able to avoid a warm pint. The Emerio BT-10003 is rated at 65w so it uses less power than a strong household light-bulb, but if you want to make sure your Kegs cool quickly I would recommend pre-refrigerating them if you are going to go through them quickly.

The Stainless steel structure with chrome fittings looks great and there’s a great build quality with this. It will ultimately suffer the same problems as all other systems like this, and that’s the value of the system is limited by the cost of the kegs. Of you can find cheap 5l standard kegs to fill your dispenser then you are on to a winner if not based on the offers we have below then you either need to love draft beer and hate the pub, or rely on draft beer chemically and require it whenever you happen to wake up before 11am which if you are chemically dependent on draft beer I’m guessing isn’t often.

Based on the offers we’ve found below the Warsteiner works out at a depressing £3.24, which is bad if you’re from the north of England but probably great if you’re from the south. The single Bitburger keg works out at £3.04 which is even better but the two for £35 deal on the Bitburger below reduces the cost to a more manageable £2.72

The system itself is far more expensive than other options we have found for beer dispensers coming in at a full £80 quid dearer than the cheapest option of the Klarstein we reviewed offering no tangible benefits for the difference. It does look good, particularly if you want your beer dispensers looking like tea urns with a digital display on them then you might want to buy the Emerio BT-10003.

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