Brooklyn Lager – Beer Review

Brooklyn Brewery has a relatively short existence compared to some of its peer’s formed in 1987 in Brooklyn. It’s short existence however should not detract from the fact that the product they make is of great quality. Brooklyn lager has a slightly different flavor profile than some of its European counter parts.

Its quite a touch darker in color than a typical lager is. It’s clear, coppery color produces a plenty of head which dissipates quickly. There’s a fruity aroma and a bit of hops but Brooklyn gets most of its flavor profile from its malts which quickly over power any hoppy flavors. As lagers go this is far more flavorful than a lot of European lagers and that’s too its credit. The Malts hit you first and there’s some hoppyness in the after taste but
its largely the malts that give an almost bitter toffee flavor that do the work in this lager.

If you’re coming off a lot of British swill lager’s then Brooklyn will be a shock to you because it’s actually got some flavour. In fact it will more than stand up to most of the dross you will find in you’re local Wetherspoon’s. It’s a great introduction to lager’s that have more flavor and that people actually spend some time and effort making and caring about the taste.

It’s smooth taste that doesn’t have the harshness that some other lager’s have but its full bodied flavor does mean that you may have trouble using this as a full on session lager. Its to nice to squander on something like that. We’re huge Brooklyn Brewery fan’s at The Man Times and we’re huge Brooklyn Lager fan’s to go with it. Brooklyn Lager is available in bottles in most good super markets, on tap in most good bars and in cans through selected distributors. Like all beers and lagers it tastes better out of a bottle or on tap than it does in a can!