Bitburger Premium Beer – Review

It should be plainly apparent to most men out there that most supermarkets have offers on their individual bottles of beer, most of which are a bit more special than some of the average muck that you get in crates. So which ones do you choose, we’re going to start looking more and more at some of these beers to help you get the best taste and variety for your buck.

Bitburger is one of Germany’s largest brewers and Bitburger Premium beer is their biggest selling product. At 4.8% abv its not the strongest beer we’ll ever review but this is a delightful little number which has numerous advantages over some of its more aggressive German contemporaries.

Light in colour and crisp in taste this goes down easier than a five dollar hooker so be careful with it! It lacks the hoppiness of other German Pilsners for my money but its taste is light and refreshing nevertheless. If you like your lagers easy to drink then this is a perfect choice. If you prefer a little more body in your beer then you might have to look elsewhere.

I’m a big fan on this particular beer, its a good session beer, its not difficult to drink with a decent taste. Upgrading your regular tipple to a German beer may seem like the hipster thing to do but this beer is anything but. Its classic crispness and ease to drink wont please any of your lager drinking hipster friends (assuming that you have any friends as a lager hipster). This is a fairly common beer in Germany, probably because its not particularly hipster.

If you intend to drink a lot of beer this might be the beer for you. If you prefer hoppiness and depth of flavour then this might not be the beer for you. If you are getting a Keg then get plenty because this stuff is inoffensive and likely to be popular with guests because of its one simple flavour profile.

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