Alhambra Gran Reserva – Beer Review

There’s something special about this beer, and its starts with the exquisite looking way you arrive at it. The label free bottle, when glistening in condensation fresh from the fridge is something to behold and if you are to buy this from a supermarket or website then all in all you wont regret it because the experience is a little bit special with this beer.
Alhambra Gran Reserva has been brewed since 1925 so it’s entering its 90th year in 2015 so to celebrate we thought we’d look at it a little closer. Its brewed by the people company who make San Miguel and Mahou but is brewed for a much longer 57 days and is given a little more care and attention. This gives it a more distinct taste than some of its siblings and also makes it a much stronger 6.4% Abv so if you can’t hold your strong lagers then this is not the beer for you.

This beer itself is lightly carbonated with a beautiful amber color to it and has a beautiful hoppiness to the end of it. Its a personal favourite of ours at The Man Times and not just because we like strong lagers but because it tastes that little bit richer. Like a good red wine its full bodied and if your drinking with food suits red meat over white meat.

This is arguably one of the best lagers produced in Spain and should be revered as such. Many a snob will tell you its too strong to enjoy, but thats why you only get a 330ml bottle! It’s not overly pricey but despite this still feels like it should be.