Top 6 Kids TV Theme’s from the 70’s

At the man times, we love TV. here’s our list of the Top 6 Kids TV Theme’s from the 70’s. The 70’s contains few Gems that were unique to the 70’s, so much of the good stuff started in the late 60’s and drifted over. Unfortunately those don’t count in this list.

The Muppet Show

Hard to believe the muppet show was first broadcast in 1976, Kermit and Co lasted only until 1981 but have stayed in the hearts of generations since, with regular box office forays in the decades since.

The Wombles

If the 70’s contained few TV Gems, this was certainly one of them. Bernard Cribbins narrated this legend of children’s TV from 1973-1975. Only 60 episodes were ever made of this Kids TV Goliath but those 60 episodes left a legacy that lasted for generations.

Grange Hill

First Broadcast in 1978 this show ran for an incredible 30 years, this show dared to tackle issues such as drug use, rape, suicide and learning difficulties all in a children’s TV show.


Short, Sweet and incredibly catchy, Geoffrey, Zippy, George and Bungle were broadcast into UK homes for 26 years.

Hong Kong Phooey

Henry the Mild Mannered Janitory with a super secret was broadcast in 1964. Incredilbly only 16 episodes were ever made of this cartoon, despite that Hong Kong Phooey remains a household name.

Battle of the Planets

Broadcast from 1978 the story G-Force, consisting of Mark, Jason, Princess, Keyop, and Tiny. 5 young people with Super Powers. Fearless young orphans protecting Earth’s entire galaxy.

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