Top 6 Kids TV Theme’s from the 60’s

At the man times, we love TV. here’s our list of the Top 6 Kids TV Theme’s from the 60’s.


A Gerry Anderson classic that was repeated again in the 80’s made into the Thunderbirds movie in the 00’s and is coming back again in 2015 this iconic theme tune is one of the most recognisable TV theme’s in UK television history.

Top Cat

The Most Effectual Top Cat, the catchy theme tune of this iconic show was broadcast originally in 1961-1962 and only 30 episodes were ever made. Despite that it continues to be broadcast the world over today. The indesputable leader of the gang!


SPIDER-MAN, SPIDER-MAN, does whatever a spider can. So presumably hos greatest enemy is a man with a glass and a postcard to slide under it.

The Pink Panther Show

While you may be forgiven for thinking of Henry Mancini’s epic song from the Pink Panther movies, this theme tune was something far more upbeat. It was all about that super futuristic car being driven by a kid, the kind of car that every kid first draws when they think of a fast car.


Stand by for action! What an epic this number, opening with explosions a glorious switch to color and still the bet looking TV submarine. Anything can happen in the next half hour and with Captain Troy Tempest it very well might. The first ever Television show to be filmed exclusively in color.

The Flintstones

First broadcast in 1961 the modern stone age family came into your homes and hasn’t left since. They’ve become movies and a huge franchise for the legendary Hannah-Barbera production company. Rated by IGN as the 9th rated animation of all time, this is an absolute 60’s classic.

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