The Grand Tour Has ARRIVED!

Edgy November 18, 2016 0
The Grand Tour Has ARRIVED!

So the day we’ve all been waiting for has arrived, the premiere date for Clarkson & Co’s The Grand Tour and let me tell you. It’s good, it’s really good! Free of the editorial shackles of the BBC and more importantly the financial shackles Clarkson has built amazon something truly wonderful.

If anything it ramps the glitz and glamour up to 11. The production values disappear off the scale, the views, the vista, the budget all dwarf what used to be accomplished by all other motoring shows. Throughout all this though, they manage to keep that sense of Britishness. That impression that despite off of this there’s still an element of that pokey old motoring show on BBC2.

They open by going for the jugular, in an opening sequence that likely cost more than the BBCs Top Gear budget. Then they rip off its lifeless arms and whale on its corpse by doing something Top Gear could never do in getting the McClaren P1, Porsche 918 and the Ferrari la Ferrari on a track in the hands of each of them, and a racing driver in another massive demonstration of the power of Amazon’s money and the brand of the 3 presenters.

You won’t find any spoilers here but for episode 1 of 12, yes 12, The Grand Tour still has room to grow. Motoring shows the world over should be watching, learning and fearing.

If you want to catch The Grand Tour you can do so with £20 off your Amazon Prime subscription for the rest of the day.


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