Marco Polo TV series – A Mongolian Game of Thrones?

Rob January 22, 2015 0
Marco Polo TV series – A Mongolian Game of Thrones?

So. Game of thrones or GOT to initiated, an epic tale – on the one hand of major cast members dying and not seeing many dragons. On the other, lots of naked women – it’s a fine balance I agree.

The up shot of Game of Thrones popularity is that Southerners are now positive that they finally have proof that “It’s grim up north” and white walkers (anyone that lives further north than Birmingham) are on the way and most likely responsible for the recent cold weather, the recession and the impending doom of the Euro. Oh and that everyone else outside of the M25 in the country apparently comes from Leeds. Possible I suppose.

After watching the latest season which finished a while back and getting up to date with The Walking Dead I was in serious need of something else to pass the time. And no, TV shows such as “Flailing on Ice” (ahem Dancing on ice), “I’m an idiot that lost all my money/not doing so well/have tax bill but happy to eat insects on TV” (I’m a Celebrity Jungle) and “Big fight between irritating people in a flat” (Big Brother) don’t even get considered.

It was then I chanced upon “Marco Polo.” Much like GOT, Polo (hence forth named) is a slickly produced, cinematic-esqe, panorama laden epic loaded with tonnes of naked women (which is always a plus here at the MT). Oh and it has Mogols aplenty.

Big ones, like this guy:


It also has an Uber cool blind guy. I’d wager he’d beat the bejesus out of that Dare Devil clown as played by that Ben Affleck chap.

This guy:


I’m throwing a marker down now and profess this to be a great TV show. If you haven’t watched it you’re clearly wasting your life. Don’t worry though if you haven’t seen it – season 2 hasn’t started yet and whats even better is that they produced and released the first season (9 episodes) back to back. No mid season interruptions!
Perhaps a sneaky way to get viewers before the return of Game of thrones? Well it worked for me. I watched all 9 episodes pretty much back to back.

Well done Net flicks or whoever.

Season 2 has apparently been given the go ahead. Stay tuned.

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