Community – TV Review

Edgy February 5, 2015 0
Community – TV Review

With all Five Series of Community coming to Netflix in the UK this February we thought we should give our readers a little taste of what to expect. This may not have been the most popular show in US TV history, some people have never even heard of it, but it deserves you’re attention because its funny, heart warming at times and at others narcissistic. Most importantly its well written, believable when it needs to be and the cast is outstanding.

The story is centered around an unlikely study group based in Greendale community college centered around a former big shot lawyer who was dis-barred for lying about his credentials played by Joel McHale. Throw in the exceptional Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs and the hilarious Donald Glover and Danny Pudi. To top it all off throw in the legend that’s Chevy Chase and we are on to a winner!

Just watch it, if you dont have Netflix, get Netflix. Its important that you do.

And if you want some more reasons… Here you go.

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