Top 10 Worst Superhero Movies of All Time!

If you thought that coming up with a list of good superhero movies was fun, coming up with the worst superhero movies to us here at The Man Times down a memory lane of terrible effects, terrible plots and terrible casting. We’ve considered all the contenders and this list is The ten worst super Hero Movies of all Time.

10. The Phantom
Billy Zane in Purple Lycra is enough to terrify anybody. This 1996 movie seems to have avoided a remake, possibly because of this film's box office tanking. Special moments include Billy Zane in Lycra on a horse! Terrible film.
9. Hulk
This movie nearly ended Ang Lee's Hollywood career, though it made a healthy profit at the box office the file was considered generally to be a CGI mess that went on for too long and lacked the self awareness of other comic book movies.
8. Ghost Rider
Nicholas Cage is an Enigma to say the least, Its difficult to work out whether he's a good actor or a terrible actor. Ghost rider seemed to suggest the latter and although the film made a decent profit critics panned the film. A sequal was even spawned yet somehow made it worse. This was not a good movie and if you paid to see it then you have no taste... at all.
7. Superman Returns
This film was not a flop by any stretch but it underperformed compared to expectations and it lacked some of the spectacular elements that you like to see from a Superman movie. It would be another 7 years before a Superman movie would be made again.
6. DareDevil
I paid to see this film in a cinema and its a decision I regret to this day, this is a second rate film and totally ordinary. The cast is OK except Colin Farrell because he's awful and Ben Affffffleck doesn't scream superhero. I fear for the next series of True Detective and Batman vs Superman movie because of these two.
5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Sean Connery only took this movie because he'd turned down the roles of Morpheus and Gandalf and they'd gone on to be huge successes. This movie was not to be the case however, the plot seemed geared up for something excellent but was turned into a genuine mess and inexplicable gibberish.
4. Green Lantern
A critical disaster and a huge blot on the copybook of Ryan Reynolds this film. After a solid opening this film still holds the record for a week 2 decline in takings for a superhero movie experiencing a 61% drop from week 1 to week 2. This film was supposed to be the first which would open up the DC universe into shared films but its poor performance would delay that until 2016.
3. Catwoman
A box-office bomb is the most polite way to describe this simply awful movie. The film was little more than a vehicle for Halle Berry in lycra and had no story, motivations or background. If Rotten Tomatoes gives a film less than 10% rating you know a film is beyond bad. This one managed 9%.
2. Elektra
A Daredevil spin off, which is always a bad place to start, this is another film that should never had been made. Garner is awful in this role, she's not badass enough for it. Let alone the fact she was killed in daredevil and some how her rotting corpse has been resurrected years later. Bad Bad Bad.
1. Batman and Robin
If the Dark Knight is the best of Batman, this is certainly the worst. There's a hell of a cast here but they're all really bad. Ultimately its too cartoony and too clean cut. Clooney isn't a good Batman because he's not gritty enough. Gotham isn't a highly stylized dystopia, its a hell hole. This is just too off base to be a good batman movie, the fact that the plot is crap, the cast are overacting and the effects are terrible means its far enough of base to be a bad film. In fact its one of the worst films ever made!