The Man Times Top 40 Video Games of All Time: 40-31

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The Man Times Top 40 Video Games of All Time: 40-31

Debate has been raging at The Man Times, and Raging Hard, what began as a project to compile a list of the top 10 video games of all time turned in to a Top 40 before we decided things were getting out of hand, and remembered that one of us had to write this stuff out so any more was going to create us a butt load of work!

As a Genre, gaming is surprisingly old now and numbers 40-31 on our list contain games from 1981 to as recent as 2014. So keep your eye out for the remaining games and enjoy numbers 40-31 in our top 40 Video Games of all time count down!

40. Sim City 2000
In 1994 Maxis released the sequel to its surprisingly popular Sim City of 5 years earlier. After success with the Original Maxis took the concept and went to town with it to create Sim City 2000. The game changed from it’s top down view to an isometric view which allowed the developer to mess around with varied land heights and an underground layer to work with Subways and Pipes. Facilities available were modernized and expanded and the block by block zoning system of the original was replaced with varied zoning meaning the cities you could build were varied and infinite in size. This game was a pioneer of sandbox games and SIM games. The success of this game spawned sequels and spin offs that the original spin city failed to do.

39. World of Warcraft
Rarely has a game endured so long and rarely has a game been so profitable. Launched at the end of 2004 WoW comes with 10 million active subscribers! 10 Million people pay £10 a month = ££££ for Blizzard! The amount of money this game has made its developers must be astronomical! The game could be higher but the solo play is rubbish and involves a lot of rinse and repeat missions. Also given that 10m x £10 x 12 Months = £1.2bn per year you’d think they’d give the expansion packs away for free!

38. Halo: Combat Evolved
The game that launched a franchise. Released in 2001 for the Original XBox Halo spawned a legacy and a franchise that would launch the XBox and its successors as viable competitors to Playstation. It was an innovator in Sci-Fi Shooters and is estimated to be in the top 5 grossing console games in US history.

37. Gears of War 2
Following on from the incredible Gears of War was never going to be a mean feat, but the developers EPIC games not only succeeded but did so in a way that hugely increased the scale and size of the game and the multiplayer.

36. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Before this game, Call of Duty was a World War 2 franchise, its games were limited and you sense while the battlefields were all lovingly created that ultimately those who made the games had their imaginations limited by the time-frame they had to work in. When infinity Ward finally decided to break the mould, they opened up a franchise to an entire new world and an entirely new generation of gamers. 18 year olds, don’t care about WW2 games, they have absolutley no frame of reference for it and were probably born 50 years after it had ended. The world had moved on and so did COD. From then on a multiplayer juggernaut was born.

35. Donkey Kong
A 1981 Arcade classic that spawned 2 legendary characters. A platform game where “Jump Man” who most people would go on to recognise as Mario must rescue a damsel in distress from a whoppadong ape Donkey Kong. This was one of the most popular arcade games of the age. Donkey Kong would eventually go on to become the protagonist in the series but it all started here.

34. James Pond 2: Robocod
Once upon a time, there was a fish, and that fish was a spy. That fish was in a video game, he was called Pond… James Pond. James was purely water based in the first game so It wasn’t until the sequel where a mechanically enhanced James would finally be done justice. With fish puns coming out of the wazzoo James Pond 2 – Robocod became a fully fledged platform game for the ages. Available for the Amiga, Sega Mega drive and Atari this cross platform legend became one of the best games available on all three!

33. Elite
The original space trading game 1984’s Elite was the first video game to attempt any form of 3D graphics. You start with a small number of credits and a small ship and all you have to do is leg it through pirate filled space and trade up and make a load of money! Simples! It’s legacy lives on through MMORPG Elite Dangerous released in 2014.

32. Championship Manager
The game that wasted a million lives. Championship Manager, its successors have taken over the lives been cited in divorce proceedings and basically immersed generations of football fan’s. To this day in its current incarnation of Football Manager people have been losing their shit over tactics, going mental in the transfer market or arguing with a fictitious board who won’t upgrade your fictitious stadium for over 20 years, and long may it continue.

31. Road Rash 2
Another game another sequel, we round out numbers 40-31 with Road Rash 2. What made it better than the original Road Rash, not only could you beat the hell out of your rivals with a knight stick, you could do it with a chain! The game was simple, race along a public highway against a load of rivals, dodging traffic and obstacles. Win, get more money, upgrade your bike then rinse and repeat on a different course.

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