Rocksmith Review

Well well well. A guitar game for guitarists or wannabe guitarists at least.

Since the advent of the Guitar people have been drawn to learning how to play this arguably coolest of all instruments, with perhaps the exception being those massive Japanese drums (Taiko) which are also uber cool but slightly less practical.

Learning the guitar seems and is pretty straight forward. The immediate problem you encounter however is that you have very little control of your fingers, which is odd being as you use them all the time. The actual problem is the independent movement of your digits – something that takes practice, coupled with the fact that with practice you shred the end of your fingertips. What seems straightforward actually turns out to be frustrating and a bit painful…..hence why most people give up relatively quickly. Which is unfortunate.

Then came Guitar Hero and people were amazed. This game offered the promise of turning you into a Rock star that could play along with your favorite tracks. The reality however was something different. What at best could be described as a Fisher Price or Mother care interpretation of a guitar, at worst, and perhaps more descriptive would be a useless plastic piece of multi-coloured buttoned cr*p was what you learnt on.

This was hugely disappointing, pointless and didn’t help you learn anything apart from pressing buttons in a sequence. So no I didn’t buy it and don’t even get me started on Rock Band….

So, hundreds of years later another guitar game was released. This time it used a guitar. An actual, real guitar.

Stay tuned (!) for what happened next.

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