Party Hard Review

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Party Hard Review

It’s not often The Man Times reviews video games, despite the fact we play loads of them, few of us are ever motivated to actually write about them but Party Hard messed with my Brian so much we decided we absolutely need to tell people about it. Party hard is an old school puzzle game with a new school twist. You start in the role of a disgruntled man named Darius, who is unable to sleep when there are various parties nearby. All you want is some peace and quiet, so you resolve to go to a series of house parties and kill everyone there.
The objective is to kill everyone using your standard stabby knife and a series and traps and devices in the environment Kill everybody (dozens) at a series of house parties across America. Don’t get caught, the cops are merciless and anyone who sees you kill will shop you in pretty fast.
Graphically we aren’t talking mass effect here, it has a retro feel to in the same way Hotline Miami does, the low-fi look with high quality puzzle design, and it’s not perfect by any stretch, a mechanism of saving progress better would be helpful, it’s annoying as hell when you’ve killed 51/53 people and victim 52 spots you dumping a body in a freezer and calls the cops. Escaping the cops is very difficult and if they get within a short distance they’ll taze you and throw you in the cop car. The result of your arrest means you have to start again and kill all 53 people again!

It’s not perfect but its brilliantly engaging, particularly when you get going. A puzzle game with a difference and more than worth spending a couple of hours on.

Party Hard is available on Xbox One, the version we played, PlayStation 4, Windows, iOS X, Fire OS and will be coming to iOS and Android soon. Prices vary around the £10 depending on which platform you choose to play on. This game is over a year old at the time of review but given that we’ve just stumbled across it we thought we’d recommend it to some of out readers.

Our Verdict:
8/10 Top Drawer Cheap Thrills

Party Hard for Fire OS.

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