Call of Duty – Modern Warfare Remastered – Xbox One – Review

Modern Warfare Remasted Cover

There’s nothing that makes me feel more resentful than forking out money for a game I’ve already paid for and owned in the past, this typically comes with the saving grace however that the game in question has loads of replay-ability and an engaging story that makes you want to play it again. So, when the announcement for a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered was on the cards we at The Man Times were pretty excited for it.

Imagine our dismay when we discovered it would only be packaged with expensive versions of the latest in the Call of Duty Franchise, Infinite Warfare as part of bundles that were ridiculously priced. I’ll short cut you on this. Infinite Warfare is rubbish, utter tripe of the highest order, its campaign is incredibly short and the multiplayer despite being the same shizzle they always put out only in a slightly different jacket is incredibly bad and filled with the worst bits of online multiplayer gaming we all hate.

I hate myself for buying this, but with a Solus version of MWR not looking likely in the near future I took the plunge and went for the £60 option. I really wanted to get my hands on MWR, the Call of Duty franchise is not at all loaded with endearing story or characters, plot or intrigue but Modern Warfare contains the only character in the History of the entire franchise to be remotely memorable or interesting, one Soap Mactavish.

Soap is the single bright spark in a whole genre of games that have eschewed character development in exchange for making you a nameless faceless piece of meat little more useful than to carry a gun. They have tried, the got Kevin Spacey in Advanced Warfare but I couldn’t tell you the name of his character or the games main protagonist. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, is/was and will likely always be the gold standard in this franchise particularly now as it looks like the developers, whichever ones of the three that rotate may be, are pilling more into zombies and multiplayer than they are bothered about making a good campaign.

To cut to the chase is Modern Warfare Remastered any good? Yes, is the simple answer. A fuller answer is a little more complicated than that. The second you pick up your MP5 and make your way through the cargo ship training course it floods back to you in waves of happy nostalgia. It looks great, it plays exactly like the original and the story is back to its genuine excellent self, back to happy times in my ghillie suit creeping through fields to assassinate a guy. The wonderful trek round Pripyat and its iconic Ferris wheel. It’s all here and it’s all brilliant, first class effort.

The multiplayer remains true to the original and has even had some of the games from later call of duties added such as gun game and kill confirmed. The major but is that MWR has suffered the ignominy of having micro transactions added to it. I am happy to report however that continued access to the all the maps and game modes does not require any micro transaction purchases. Micro transactions access mostly cosmetic items, and the occasional weapon that makes no difference to your enjoyment of the game.

Should you by this game? No. Not while its packaged with that festering pile of animal faeces which is Infinite Warfare. Modern Warfare Remastered is really good, but it’s not £60 quid really good and that’s the least you can pay to get access to it. Until its packaged on its own, don’t bother.