The TMT Man of The Year

So we started thinking that we should have a “man of the year” and I use the quotation marks in the correct way (you’ll see “joey”).

Well you’ve got to think that serving your community and people in general is a good thing, so lets go for public figures.

Well who to pick… Mandela should always be in your man of the year short list, dude was a player!

You could also go for Obama, easy one, still a dude……..

but I think we need something more. Someone that just shows that even if you are the biggest tit, the stupidest t**t you can still be all man and serve your community and bring joy to the world in way it didn’t know it need.

Then like a bolt of lightning it came to me there could of course be only one man to fit the requirements and that of course is the one and only ROB FORD, Mayor of the great city of Toronto.

Now I am sure you are all aware of the great mans work but let us just recap it for you.

“Those Oriental people work like dogs. They work their hearts out. They are workers non-stop. They sleep beside their machines. That’s why they’re successful in life.”

I think you’ve been buying you stuff from a sweatshop.

“I don’t understand. Number one, I don’t understand a trans-gender. I don’t understand. Is it a guy dressed up like a girl, or a girl dressed up like a guy?”

Yeah I don’t understand either, what are you?

“If you are not doing needles and you are not gay, you wouldn’t get Aids, probably. Thats bottom line… those are the facts.”

Ah that’s why you went for crack instead of using needles good thinking, probably that’s the facts.

“No, I’m not in any alcohol treatment program, I’m not in any drug treatment program. I have a weight issues. I’ve been training every day.”


“It’s just lies after lies and lies and I’ve called you pathological liars and you are, so why don’t you take me to court? Let the courts decide.”

Ah the denial 🙂

“Women love money. You give them a couple thousand bucks and they’re happy.”

Not convinced they were dude.

“I don’t look at myself as the mayor. I look at myself as just a normal, everyday person.”

“I am a role model.”

What a guy.

“My question is, I urinated in a parking lot. What does that have to do with anything?”

To be fair I am with you here if ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

“I do not use crack cocaine, nor am I an addict of crack cocaine. As for a video, I cannot comment on a video that I have never seen or does not exist.”

Ok standing up for yourself good for you.

“Yes, I have smoked crack cocaine. But do I? Am I an addict? No. Have I tried it? Probably in one of my drunken stupors, probably approximately about a year ago.”

Well if it was just a drunken stupor, We’ve all been there right?

“That was pure stupidity. I shouldn’t have got hammered down at the Danforth. If you’re going to have a couple drinks you stay home, and that’s it. You don’t make a public spectacle of yourself.”

Yeah and smoke some crack!

“I’ve never said that in my life to her. I’m happily married. I have more than enough to eat at home, thank you very much.!


“I’ve run a fantastic city. I don’t want to toot my own horn here but I’m the best mayor this city has ever had.”

Yeah you are (For everyone outside of Toronto anyway me especially) and I’ll toot what ever you got on ya.

Is he out? Of course no this “man” is standing for re-election again this year even though most of his powers have been removed, what a man taking on the system from the inside and taking everything else he can get his hands on.

And then today I saw this not sure I can get quotes from it but see how committed the man is even in a fast food restaurant he is practicing his public speaking.


If you find yourselves with a few spare minutes just google  him you will not regret it.



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