Kate Moss Turns 40 – The Man Times Celebrates

As the UK celebrates the 40th Birthday of its favorite alleged drug abuser we at The Man Times have decided to celebrate the cultural contribution of Kate Moss. Remember the 90’s?  At some point around 1995 fashion decided, that boobs were to large and skin wasn’t pale enough, there was a demand for a different type of Super Model.  Into the breach stepped our Heroin (pun intended).  While Oasis and Blur tore up the charts, our Kate’s career blossomed, and by the the turn of the decade she had one of the most recognizable faces on the planet and contracts with some major brands.

Celebrated in the industry for her “Perfect Bone Structure”, this allows her to be air brushed with minimal effort, while her naturally pasty skin tone helps hide a multitude of imperfections under bright studio lights.  These natural gifts have helped provide the longevity in her career that have allowed her to hob-nob with the planet’s best and brightest such as musical legend, fellow hard drug enthusiast and Macaulay Culkin’s Parisian flat mate, Pete Doherty and Hollywood legend Colin Farrell.

She worked hard, and played hard and though 2 decades of partying have left Our Kate looking more worn than the inner thigh of a fat guy’s favorite pair of sweat pants she is still loved the world over by fashionistas, the superficial and those with IQ’s lower than 90.  In a career that’s had more ups and downs than a Chinese hooker in a lift, her career almost took a nose dive in 2007 after revelations of her apparently secret hard drug use lead to the headline “Cocaine Kate”.  After loosing some of her major contracts she survived this scandal by joining brands that didn’t care about her hard drug use, or already knew about it.

So as the world celebrates the 40th Birthday of an Icon, we at The Man Times say. Don’t worry Kate, we still would…. in the right light!

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  1. Nice glasses. Where can I get some?

    Also I bet they run a pretty tight ship in the Culkin/Doherty household, spotless and absolutely no arguments over whose stash is whose. I wonder though, who does the most cooking?

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