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Looking for a different way to drink your tequila why not try a Sangrita (little blood).

Sangrita originated in Jalisco the spiritual home of tequila. Mainly made from tomato juice and lime there are quite a few variants out there. A quick search with your favorite Internet search engine will provide you with many results.

Our personal version is made by The Don and goes thus:

My ideal recipe is…

Tommy Tato juice

4-5 good dashes of Worcester sauce

8-12 dashes of Tabasco, or 2 drops of da bomb (I’ll tell you now not something to trifle with)

black pepper

and lastly a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. (if you are feeling adventurous)

Personally we do it as shooters but the traditional way is to have it in tumblers and sip them.

Some good info can be found on wikipedia, of course.

We are currently 3 in just to get that pic for all you fans out there and seeing as England had a good batting day, plus it is Friday day and I’ve been drinking since 4pm.

Happy drinking peeps.

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