Questions Of The Week

I read a lot, probably a lot more than I should especially since I split from my girlfriend. However, this does give me a broad spectrum of useless knowledge which I have decided to utilise on a weekly basis into a list if questions based on what I have learnt that week, kind of like my weekly news wrap up with a twist. So here’s goes my first stab at it, please be kind 🙂

1) How many gangster run nightclubs that are losing money do you think will burn down due to “a chinese lantern accident” in the near future?

2) Has the buy 1 get 1 free sausage roll offer made whistleblower Edward Snowden seek asylum in Iceland yet?

3) Is it true the CIA spies bugging the EU in Brussels were actually trying to cure their insomnia?

4) What is the chance that the public outcry at Wimbledon over the b(w)ankers £300,000 plus hospitality will stop them coming back next year?

5) MP’s get to vote on whether to award themselves a15% (£10,000). Who thinks it will be a “no” vote?

6) It’s been suggested by experts that we have around a billion years left on earth. Do you think that’s enough time for Channel 5 to produce a half decent show (any genre)?

7) Its been announced George Osbourne is taking the winter fuel allowance from expats (after how many years). My dad would just like to know how he is to afford his new sun lounger?

8) And lastly, Jason Martin 41 of Dover, Kent is accused of “sinking his teeth into the penis of his neighbour who asked him to turn his music down”.
Now I like my music but….

9) Teacher Dale Irby has become an overnight Internet hit after wearing the same shirt and tank top in his annual school photo for 40 years! Have you ever worn (or even owned!) a clothing item for that long?

10) Experts have advised today that “drinking a pint of beer improves the state of blood vessels around the heart”
So lads it official, beer is good for you!
How many will you be having this weekend then?

Post you answers in the comments below!

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