The Women of Tennis

When it comes to Tennis the womens game gets a lot less coverage than the mens game, consequently the endorsements aren’t as much and because they play two less sets they get paid less in prize money. In the case of the privileged few they can make up for some of those lost earnings by putting their tremendous physiques to good use.

This is our list of the top 5 hottest women in tennis today (whom we can find on YouTube and have done swimsuit shoots with A.N. Other publication.)

We have to credit the good people of Sports Illustrated for their swimsuit editions to help compile large chunks of this list.

Daniela Hantuchova

The 31 year old Czech star is mostly all about the doubles action (stop it) where she’s won multiple tournaments. She doesn’t tend to make it that far in the Grandslams on her own.

Maria Kirilenko

She’s made it deep into 4 Grand Slam tournaments the 27 year old Moscovite can… *deletes cheap jokes*

Eugenie Bouchard

The 20 year old Canadian burst onto the scene in some style in 2014 where the reached the final of Wimbledon.

Ana Ivanovic

The 26 year old Serbian won the 2008 French open. Hot Hot Hot!

Maria Sharapova

Talented and Beautiful and a winner. She’s been around for what seems to us like forever but she’s still only 27. Awesome.

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