Sexy Pillow Fights

Michael Tranter February 1, 2015 0
Sexy Pillow Fights

What’s hotter than chicks enjoying a pillow fight? Scantily clad chicks enjoying a pillow fight! That’s right gents, here are five of the Internets best pillow fights from some of the worlds finer media outlets. Every wanted to see the Saturday’s in their lingerie having a pillow fight? You’ve come to the right place.


Zoo magazine did the world a huge favour with this one, there seems to be an awful lot of slow motion bouncing… which is nice.


I have no idea who these guy’s are but their websote looks nice, look em up… after you have watched everything else of course.


Excellent, just excellent.


Its the Saturdays… In Underwear… having a pillow fight. Great!


Thanks go to Maxim from this gem from 2011.

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