Niykee Heaton – You’re Welcome Gents

At the Man Times, we’re all for promoting people with talent. We’ve said before we’re a talented bunch but so far our talents are somewhat wasted… Or we’re somewhat wasted. You know its often difficult to tell in TMT towers. Well we’re pleased to report that we’ve unearthed some more talent in the form of Niykee Heaton who not only has a talent for an imaginative spelling of her name but is also a cracking musician, she has been signed up to a major label and has started releasing material, but we’re often just a fan of a hot chick with an acoustic.

Her EP Bad Intentions Dropped in October of 2014, and here’s a little teaser of it. She was voted hottest youtuber by Playboy and virtually everyone has been going mental over her, so we’re a bit late to the party. But now we’re here we’re playing catch up and determined to enjoy.

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