Emily Ratajkowski

Michael Tranter February 7, 2015 0
Emily Ratajkowski

One of the dis-advantages of being a small media outlet is that we’ll never likley have the resources to photograph or work with somebody like the delightful Emily Ratajkowski. That’s a shame for us and frankly we’re heart broken by it. Its a long held dream of ours at The Man Times to jack in our day jobs and live a Jet Setting lifestyle photographing the worlds hottest models and hopefully getting busy with the occasional one.

On the Plus Side for us there are media out-lets out there who are big enough to do this and they film all their stuff on the internet and allow us to embed the content in to awesome compilations… Like this one. Words can not explain how happy this makes us and we’ve decided to spread that happiness over to you guys. We’re eternally grateful to all those companies that made these videos and we’re insane with rage that we can’t make them ourselves.

The star of the movie Gone Girl and Robin Thicke’s famous blurred lines video (which i’ve been told i can’t link the uncensored version here but trust me its out there and its awesome) is actually a London born lass who spent a lot of her youth bowling around between Ireland and Majorca. She’s Hollywood’s hottest property right now! We use hottest in both the literal and figurative terms here.

So Enjoy our little compilation of some of her work!

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