TMT Strawberry Update

Stephen Duncan July 17, 2013 0
TMT Strawberry Update


So we have managed to revive our strawberries after someone hurting them badly at their home. They did look very sad 🙁

We did have a few pretty unhappy looking berries on them a few weeks ago but I decided to try and germinate these. It did not go well. apparently the floaters are the ones you want if you put them in water and mix them up in a blender!

So I decided to try and produce some extra plants by putting the runners that come off in to new pots (well cut up water cups). I have just finished potting the first of these runners after allowing them to develop a good root system. This is where my cup pots came in quite useful as although they have no drainage I can at least see when the roots are well established.

I cut the runner at both ends re-potted the first plant on the runner in to a full size pot and then put the end of the runner that was starting to develop leaves in to my cup pots. You can easily see where the new roots will start to form, on the other side from the leaf shoots you’ll see two little nodules starting to develop. This is when you want to make sure they are pegged down to the earth. I ended up using cable some wire twisties from some DVI cables laying around.

Now on the parent plants I will start to cut the runners off and try to get them to produce a crop this year and keep dividing the runners. With the weather as it is I am quite hopeful but will not be completely disappointed if we have to leave it to next year as I should have quite a few plants by then.

As far as watering goes It has been everyday at the moment with the heat and then a really good one on Friday to get them through the weekend… So water in the pot and in the tray to give them a reserve to see them through. During the week if I put my knuckles to it a feel damp it will be at least good till the end of the day then a little sip to get it to the next day.

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